1. The Chaos Phase is before your Untap step.
    1. Phasing is considered an "at the beginning of your turn" effect.
    2. No spells or effects may be played during the Chaos Phase unless otherwise instructed.
    3. All triggered effects still resolve during the Chaos Phase, but neither player may respond to them.
  2. At the end of your Chaos Phase, roll a Chaos Roll. This roll must always be resolved as well as possible.
    1. You MUST take the roll. No matter what, the chaos roll must be attempted. If there are no targets, then it will simply be countered upon resolution (fizzle).
    2. All rolls are considered to be controlled by the person who made the roll.
    3. All costs for rolls must be paid, regardless of the number targets available.
    4. If a roll lacks legal targets, fulfill all abilities of the roll that are possible. (Example: If Fumarole is rolled and there are no creatures in play, you must still pay three life and destroy a land.)
    5. All chaos rolls are colorless in nature. (Example: A Dark Banishing roll can target a White Knight.)
    6. All cards that are untargetable by spells or effects can not be targeted by chaos rolls that require a target.
    7. If a roll forces you to resolve multiple rolls, ignore that roll unless you are currently on your last roll. (Example: If you roll "Roll 3 times" and on the second of these three you roll "Roll 3 times" again, ignore that roll and re-roll your second roll.)
  3. At the beginning of the game, after turn order has been decided and all players are satisfied with their opening hands, the first player rolls in EnchantWorldLand.
    1. EnchantWorldLands are considered Enchantments and can be affected by all things that affect Enchantments, but will not affect or be affected by an Enchant World card coming into play.
    2. EnchantWorldLands are not considered to be lands.
  4. When a CounterRoll or RollFork is used, it resolves as though it were a roll, and can therefore be affected as though it were a roll.
  5. When a player drops below 1 life, they are healed to 0 life and must perform a Spite Roll.
    1. A Spite Roll is a Chaos Roll, and if the roll allows the player to gain life, they are able to remain in the game.
    2. No spells or effects may be used between the healing to 0 life and the Spite Roll.
    3. Only a Roll that gains you life will have any effect. Ignore any non-lifegaining Roll.
Taken from Magic-League.com