My Projects

Magic card search engine like

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[NodeJS, Express, PEGjs, MongoDB, AngularJS]

Chess service with game search and opening explorer.

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[PHP, JavaScript, MongoDB, AngularJS]

Brings TCL scripting to minecraft via a hand crafted scripting engine.

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[Java, TCL]

Lua to JavaScript transpiler. First place entry in this Challenge Post. Currently live helping people learn Lua at

Demo NPM Package

[JavaScript, Lua, PEG.js]

Physics based puzzle game. *Coming Soon* to IOS and Android.

[LUA, Corona, Unity3D]

A dice rolling app for IOS and Android based on dDiceCalc Also runs right in your browser thanks to PhoneGap.

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[jQuery Mobile, JavaScript, PhoneGap]
Chronik the Time Keeper

A game made in twenty four hours for the 2009 Houghton Game jam. Rotate the clock to return the numbers to their correct place. Created in partnership with John Lattin.

Launch with JNLP


Free server hosting provider for Counter-Strike teams. Launched in 2007.

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[PHP, Java]


Realtime Steal Tracker

Worked with Brian Corr to create this realtime scorebaord for the Boston's Got Wings charity.

Integrated with NBA real-time, play-by-play API to provide an up to the second scoreboard inside a retail space.

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Created the Java based converter backend for the now defunct Scribd competitor.

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[PHP, Java, OpenOffice]

My scriptlance reviews.

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Home sweet appFigures.

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[C#, C++, Lua, JavaScript]

Reliable Dedicated and Shared hosting services. Launched in 2008.

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[PHP, Apache2, Cpanel]

Other Toys

Score Dave Peck's Go

Calculated the score of a game being played on Dave Peck's wonderfull go service.

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Natural language date-range parser. Somewhat inspired by chronic and passes many of its unit tests.

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Chaos Magic

A quick app I threw together while other people where getting their cards together.

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Java based Sudoku game I made for my intro programming course.

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Debugging Shim for the lovd2d game engine. Provides Unity3d like project reloading.

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Trello Printer

Tool to print my Trello cards. Designed to work with an EPSON TM-T20 receipt printer.

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[JavaScript, AngularJS, Bootstrap, PHP]
Phantom IRCd

Toy IRC server writen in mIRC script.

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Quotes Collection

Old collection of quotes mostly compiled by my friend Travis.

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CounterStrike CVAR List

Somewhat outdated CVar listing for CounterStrike Source/1.6

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